Ellie Shackleton Jones, visionary of Orlando's Bridal Gallery was one of the youngest of 8 sisters often receiving their ill fitted hand me down clothes. With determination not to look outdated, she worked diligently on those used styles of clothing and made them new and improved. 
Finding a love in this process, she continued to gather, cut, sew, and piece together whatever fabrics she could get her hands on and sold them as her own creations.

"I make it my responsibility to be involved in all aspects of garment selection to make sure you find that perfect piece for one of the most important days in your life. I wanted this for myself and I want it for you. I designed Bridal Gallery's in-house services to assure you to have a relaxed and pampered experience while choosing the perfect pieces for your perfect day."


Apart from her love of fashion, Ellie was a businesswoman at heart. At the age of 15, her parents supported her voyage to the United States in hopes of becoming a doctor who would eventually come back and cure the poor in her town. Needless to say, her hearts desires pushed her to  another route, earning degrees in business and fashion design leading to 20 plus successful years in the apparel industry. To her two children and her husband however, she is still known as doctor due to her nurturing personality.

Her time in America has proved to be extremely enriching as well as busy. Working hard to eventually  become the owner of 2 lucrative apparel companies which she is thankful for every day. Now, with over 15 years of experience within the bridal world, Ellie plans to continue her legacy with her newest endeavor, the Bridal Gallery of Orlando.


Ellie has specifically hand chosen the best designs from international selections of wedding gowns as well as special occasion dresses designed to meet  every specific need when it comes to that special day.  From bride to bridesmaids, mother of the bride to flower girls. Providing high end garments from all over the world from top designer collections from London, Spain, Italy, France, Asia as well as exceptional luxury homemade designs from the United States.


Unique to the industry Orlando Bridal Gallery offers customization, embroidery, beading, and screen printing as well as on-site alterations keeping quality and time frames as its priority. We invite you to come and discover that a one-of-a-kind dress from our many collections and very much look forward to seeing you.


May you find everlasting romance,



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